Message From The Principal

Education is not only about getting a qualification; it must also bring about a permanent and inherent change in human thinking and values. It means all round and humanistic development of a person, that transform him into a human resource. For socio-economic and cultural take-off in a globalized and liberalized society, an educational institution can play a crucial role in enlightening the society by shaping its values. As a higher educational institution, our college has not only been facilitating the acquisition of knowledge, skills and values, but also pursuing a strategy of all-round development of our students in particular and the society in general. We are working towards transforming our demographic nightmare into a demographic dividend that is crucial in building a strong, vibrant and sustainable India.

I, with my sincere and able staff, trying our best at every point of time to transform our dreams into reality. This is why I earnestly urge all the students and the stakeholders of the college to synergize their efforts in the positive direction towards transforming our traditional society into a highly developed, civilized and sustainable society.